Membership Levels

Level Price  
Dabbler Free. Select
First Collectors $12.00 per Year. Customers in az will be charged 8.5% tax. Select

Dabbler: dabbler n. a person that dabbles in collectables…at least that’s what they claim…and for our practical purposes as we develop the membership levels, everyone started as a dabbler…and as such, it’s where we all start.

This is SolAstro’s free account, and will always remain free to use. Some things such as storage and bandwidth and other add-ons will be limited on the free accounts, however, you will be free to meet other collectors to buy, sell and trade on the platform with no fees from SolAstro, EVER!!!!

Collector: As a true Collector you have chosen to curate your collection.

When you opt for the Collector level membership, you have begun to catalog and organize your collection. And you can do so using our free tools such as a

  1. Unlimited storage of items you upload to SolAstro curation (coming soon!!!)
  2. Label Generator which enables you to instantly create labels for your collection, customized with your own details. Available 1st March, 2024 or sooner
  3. Auction listing generator. (Coming soon!!!)

First Collector(Available for a limited time): Of quartz you get all of the benefits of a Collector, and as we grow, you grow with us, as a First Collector, you will always be “grandfathered” in on the deal of $1 USD per month, based on a yearly renewal. Even if we charge the new members more in the future, by supporting the community from the beginning, you will always pay only $12 per year. *based on continued service, renewing each year on your anniversary.